About Us

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Mission Statement

"We have maintained a leadership position in the electrical industry by consistently meeting
its responsibilities and commitments to its customers, manufacturers, and employees. 
Our customers are assured that the products and services offered by us represent the top
manufacturers in the electrical industry, who stand behind the performance of their
products and are dedicated to providing product innovations to meet the changing requirements
of the industry - delivered by a company whose objective is to establish and maintain a relationship built on trust."


We aim to be your #1 choice for electric supply.  We accomplish this by providing you with best service and products around!

Corporate Social Initiative

All-Phase of Anderson is committed to preserving the natural resources we hold so dear.  To combat waste and the
reckless misuse of our environment, we recycle newspaper, cardboard, and paper products by donating them to the PAWS animal shelter and Anderson County Recycling Center,
we reuse cardboard boxes and package cushioning by saving all salvageable materials, and we reduce electrical energy
usage by using energy efficient light bulbs.