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After Hours Support 
We know that it is very important that downtime be minimized as much as possible.  This is why we offer emergency service for all of our customers.  To take advantage of our after-hours service contact your account manager or our location for instructions (864-225-6206). 
Lighting Layout
Whether you want to transform a room's ambiance or you want to maximize the lighting output, we have exactly what you need.  The experts here at All-Phase can help you decide between different options so that your expectations match the finished project!

Custom Panel Boards
If you are in need to a custom panel board look no further.  Our experts will work with you to customize a panel board to fit all your needs.

Delivery Services
We offer free delivery to all our customers in Upstate South Carolina and North East Georgia.

Wire & Cable Cutting Services
We offer wire and cable cuts on any size or length.  Whether you need 3 cuts of 100 feet or 2 cuts of 5 feet, we will service all your wire and cable needs,